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We aim to get you singing in the shower again with the first of our Verses Collection: Skincare Inspired by songs that are inspired by books. INVISIBLE Clear Skin Shower Cream is a rich and creamy blend of melon and strawberry fruit extracts to soothe and clear blemishes and close large pores. It contains essential oils from lemon and lime to brighten your skin and coconut oil to soften and hydrate. INVISIBLE will leave you feeling squeaky clean and refreshed.


About the book Invisible Man is a book written in 1952 by Ralph Ellison about a nameless young black man who encounters people who ‘see only themselves or figments of their imagination’ rendering him invisible. This book inspired the 1989 classic of the same name by Queen. And it’s inspired us in 2019 to create an all natural, eco friendly shower gel in bio plastic because we want you to see yourself as part of the whole and