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The Burgo Organic Cotton Body Net

This handmade organic cotton body scrub is perfect for cleansing and exfoliating your skin from head to toe. The Burgo is made of organic cotton which is breathable and hygienic because it doesn’t trap dirt like a plastic pouf. It’s gentle on your skin, allows you to use less product, and can be washed in the washing machine which is better for your wallet and the environment!

The Burgo is made by artisans from Burgo, Felgueiras in northern Portugal. Historically, this region was the home of textiles sold across Europe. Now the almost lost technique of embroidery has been translated to create this luxury and ecologically friendly organic cotton body scrub. In a process that takes over 7 hours of weaving. Please watch the video on how this special product was made just for you.

Use in the shower or bath
Handmade from organic cotton
Wash at low temperatures


THE BURGO - Organic Cotton Body Scrub

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